Saturday, June 22, 2013

Under His Wings

Psalm 91:4. Under his wings you will take refuge.  A nice reminder where we can look for protection and solace. Your Heavenly Father loves you!

7 x14 canvas. 

Birds were designed on card stock using Dylusions sprays over gessoed mask then cut out and further embellished with stamps and paint smears. 
Canvas was covered with paper scraps applied with Golden matte medium. After drying I gessoed over it then applied paints complimentary to the birds. However, the birds were too close a match, and I loved them, so I had to alter the canvas. I decided to make a subdued colored inner frame to show them off better.  Then I stamped the harlequin background then softened that with LuminArte  Sunflowers glaze. Then I stamped a swirly black frame around that. And I finally liked it!  Hope it inspires your creativity!

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